Johnny Gs – East Exchange

I didn’t get to much of the Fringe Festival this year, but I was there enough to look for new places to eat. One of the places I chose was Johnny Gs (apostrophe removed for SEO reasons). I had visited there many years ago. However it was so long ago, I don’t really remember anything about it. I do seem to recall the portions being large.

Johnny Gs menu

The Menu at Johnny Gs. There’s a large selection available.

There are two entrances to Johnny Gs. One will take to Wee Johnny’s pub in the basement. The other will take you into the restaurant/lounge space upstairs. I went with the upstairs both times. The restaurant manages to be both open and intimate at the same time. I like this, especially when dining alone. Service is quick and prompt.

Fringe Visit:

My first visit came during the Fringe Festival. With all that is going on, I’m always looking for someplace that can get me in and out quite quickly. Despite the restaurant being somewhat full I received good, quick service. Continue reading

Holy Eucharist Fall Supper

Despite diligently listing as many Winnipeg Fall Suppers as I can, I hadn’t attended any of them until yesterday. However I finally managed to enjoy one yesterday afternoon. I traveled up to the Holy Eucharist Fall Supper on Monroe at Watt Street. This is the second fall supper that Holy Eucharist hosts. Each year they also host a Fish Fry in September. I really enjoyed the Fish Fry last year, and so I figured the fall supper should be really good as well.

Holy Eucharist Fall Supper table centerpiece.

Table Centerpiece from the Holy Eucharist Fall Supper.

Welcoming at the Holy Eucharist Fall Supper

The Holy Eucharist Hall is quite large. After paying for and picking up my ticket I went in to find a place to sit. While I was wandering around, I noticed that several of the tables featured reserved signs. Continue reading

Chicken Delight – Cajun Ribs Update

When I originally wrote this post on Chicken Delight I wrote about how the Cajun Ribs were simply plain ribs with a package of hot sauce. My original comments are below, for context. If you go to the comments below you will see that Chicken Delight got in touch with me in order to make things right. They do offer an actual Cajun Ribs (pictured below).

Once I received the coupon I decided I should give the ribs a second try as soon as possible. This meant I went to a different location. This one is on Ellice Avenue not far from where I live. Clearly the message had been past on to all locations as I received a genuine Cajun Rib order. The Cajun seasoning is on the sweet rather than the spicy side of things, but it has good flavour. In addition it adds a nice crunch to ribs when you bite into them. This is a dry rib I would definitely order more than once. 

Thank you Chicken Delight in reaching out to me. Thank you also for being proactive in making sure your franchises are all on the same page. I hope the Cajun Ribs stay on the menu for quite a while.

Chicken Delight Cajun Ribs

The real Cajun Ribs from Chicken Delight

Every so often, there are  meetings to attend at the Diocesan offices just off Pembina Highway. Sometimes these occur over the lunch hour and are bring your own lunch affairs. Subway is a fairly typical stop on these occasions as it’s close and real quick. The other day, I managed to allow myself a little more time and stopped at the Chicken Delight on Pembina just south of McGillivray.

This is also an area where I lived before entering into the priesthood. Now, when it comes to fried chicken, I prefer Chicken Delight over KFC. I also prefer Chicken Chef to KFC. To be honest, I would probably prefer raw chicken in uncooked bread crumbs over KFC. The best fried chicken I ate in Winnipeg was at Percy Hayne’s chicken shack. I only ate there once, but it was fantastic. The chicken at Johnny’s on Marion isn’t to that level, but it’s enjoyable and your three pieces are three large pieces.

Chicken Delight Chicken

Three piece chicken from Chicken Delight.

On my first time I chose a three piece chicken and fries. Continue reading

Shannon’s Irish Pub – Carlton Street.

Earlier this year I took in the Downtown Biz Tap in Tour. One of the locations on the tour is Shannon’s Irish Pub and Eatery. Shannon’s is a place I’ve dropped into in the past, and this tour made me think I should visit again.

Shannon's beer choices.

There is always a good selection of beer on tap at Shannon’s

One dish that I didn’t try on my last couple of visits, but is my favourite, is Shannon’s Irish Stew. It comes with a good mixture of meat, vegetables, and potatoes, and plentiful, rich gravy. Continue reading

Potter & Clay, Jaylene Johnson CD Release

Potter & Clay is the latest release by Winnipeg artist Jaylene Johnson. Last night I attended the CD release concert at St. Margaret’s. My familiarity with Johnson’s music is fairly limited. After last night I will be listening to it a whole lot more. Not only is Potter & Clay musically satisfying, it reaches deep into the listener’s heart. Once there it unsettles and resettles the heart.

Johnson’s spiritual home is at St. Benedict’s Table. As result her writing is rooted in deeply Biblical and theological ways of thinking. We often find ourselves dismissing the Bible as an ancient book out of touch with our world. Johnson’s music helps us to remember that our sorrows, our doubts, and our pain are nothing new. In this she speaks to a world beyond what Jamie Howison, priest at Saint Benedict’s Table, referred to as the “Christian Ghetto.”

Potter & Clay

The Cover for Potter & Clay by Jaylene Johnson

Potter & Clay: Let The Silence Speak

At the beginning of the concert Ms. Johnson said that the evening would begin with lament and lead on to hope. Despite that, I would like to jump to the middle. Continue reading

Santa Lucia Pizza – St. Mary’s Road

One place on my daily journey’s to work that I’ve bypassed is Santa Lucia Pizza. I’m not sure why. Some of it is that I’m not the world’s biggest pizza lover. Some of it is simply that I am generally crossing the street just as I get there.

Santa Lucia patio.

The patio at Santa Lucia offers a great view of the blue skies.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that  I should remedy that situation. So, I made a point of including visits to the restaurant in my routine.

Santa Lucia Late Lunch:

On my first visit I showed up at the end of the lunch service. I was given the choice of dining room, patio, or lounge. The dining room was my choice. I ended seated at what appeared to be the only two top in the room. The menu is divided into Greek and Italian choices. I decided I was more in the mood for the Greek. I started off with the Avgolemono soup. Then I added a Greek Salad with Souvlaki. When the bowl of soup came the biggest surprise was the amount of chicken. There seemed to be a whole chicken breast cut up into the bowl. It’s always a pleasure when chicken or another protein doesn’t get finished in the first couple of spoonfuls. The soup comes with a good lemon flavouring. Continue reading