Olybees Kitchen Food Truck

As the food truck culture takes deeper roots in Winnipeg each new spring brings new trucks to the streets. Best Meal was the first new truck I saw this year, and shortly after that I notice Olybees Kitchen out on the street. You’ll find Olybees Kitchen parked on Hargrave Street, just a little north of Broadway.

Olybees truck

Olybees KItchen is a bright orange truck that is easy to find if you are looking for it.

There are two things about this truck that are really worth noting. The first is that along with burgers, they serve a selection of other types of sandwiches. The second is that they offer a selection of breakfast sandwiches. This means that you will find them out and open on the street quite a bit earlier than the rest of the trucks. Continue reading

Charisma – Sherbrook Street

Charisma of India is one of several fine Indian buffets in Winnipeg. I like buffets of all sorts, and particularly Indian buffets.  I’ve been for the lunch buffet in the past, but somehow or other never gotten around to visiting again. This is rather surprising seeing that it’s Sherbrook location is so close to St. Margaret’s, one of the parishes I’m involved with as a priest. As far as the buffet goes, I quite like it. The lunch buffet at $14.99 is reasonably priced and has quite a good selection to choose from.

Charisma Pappadams

Crispy Pappadams from Charisma

So, I hadn’t made it back, but then a few weeks ago, we were saying good-bye to one of the members of the Saturday evening service. This was also a celebration of her becoming a priest, so instead of our usual dinner we ordered in from Charisma.

Charisma for Celebration

One good thing about a restaurant like Charisma is that they have a wide variety of items on the menu, meaning it’s easy to please a diverse group of diners. I don’t have pictures of all the dishes, but their was curry goat, korma chicken, butter chicken, pakora, channa masala, naan, pappadams, and mixed vegetables jaipuri.

Charisma Korma Chicken

Charisma’s Korma chicken is moist and tender with a rich, creamy sauce.

Curry goat.

Curry goat.

Charisma Juaipuri

Mixed Vegetable Jaipuri

All the dishes were quite good. The korma chicken was the stand out in my books. B0th the korma and butter chicken dishes came with very tender and moist chicken. What I liked about the korma chicken was the rich creamy sauce that was part of the dish.

Charisma Naan

There was plenty of naan available to help sop up the flavour filled sauces.


One of the unexpected thing with the meal was the amount of rice. I was looking at the online menu as I wrote this post, and I noticed it says each dish comes with rice. That was indeed the case. We ended up with 5 quite large containers of rice. In the end several people ended up with a good helping of rice to take home with them.

Charisma Rice

A small portion of the rice which was included in the meal.

I think I’m going to have to make more of an effort to visit Charisma in the future. The buffet is enough of a reason to go, but it’s also worth your while to order à la carte.
Charisma of India Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Don Restaurant – Donald Street

Known properly as The Don Restaurant, this place was one I visited, generally for takeout, when I worked at L.C. Taylor and Company as it’s just across Broadway and down Donald a little. I didn’t visit because of the name, because I dislike being called Don and much prefer Donald as you might guess from the blog title.

The Don bottomless coffee

There’s always bottomless cups of coffee on offer at The Don

Anyways, mini rant aside. it’s been a couple of years or so since I last visited. I decided I would give The Don a try for both lunch and breakfast. The Don is also divided into different dining areas. The south end of the restaurant has a more open area with a patio off of it, while the north side of the restaurant has a combination of open tables and booths which allow for a little more privacy. This section has been a good meeting area for lunches with employers and fellow priests over the years. Continue reading

Green Carrot Juice Co.

During the last week of rehearsals for the Vicar of Dibley, I often found myself with limited time for meals between leaving St. Philip’s and arriving at Crescent Fort Rouge United. So, one day I decided to give Green Carrot Juice Company a try. Green Carrot is owned by Obby Khan, former Winnipeg Blue Bomber who is now involved in several restaurant locations. His Shawarma Khan in the Exchange was fairly early among the restaurants I’ve reviewed.

Green Carrot Paleo Brittle

Apple Pecan Pie PaleoBrittle from Green Carrot

Green Carrot Liquid Meal

As you may know, I’m not on the top of list of juicing advocates. However, I do enjoy them if they offer a refreshing and tasty occasional alternative. My preference is still to chew my food. However, the smoothie list provided some interesting options. I chose the Strong Like Bull. The colour wasn’t the most appealing, but I enjoyed the flavour. The almond stood out among the many ingredients as well as the hemp. For a main course style of beverage I did find it filling, and felt satisfied and ready for rehearsal after drinking it. Continue reading

Freehouse Friendship Building

One of the pleasures of performing in the Vicar of Dibley was getting to know my cast mates better. Most were strangers when we started, but I would now call them all friends. Most of this friendship building took place during rehearsals, but on several occasions we went for post-rehearsal beers to Jekyll & Hyde’s Freehouse at the corner of Stradbrook and Osborne.

Jekyll & Hyde 1664

1664 is one of the many fine beers on offer at Jekyll & Hyde’s Freehouse.

It had been quite a while since I had last been to this location. If my memory serves me, it was known as the Academy when I went hear a friend of mine who was performing in the Monday night Jazz jam.

Freehouse Finger Food

One of the things with bar food is that it’s great for sharing.  It’s also the kind of food that facilitates conversation. We would have check-ins at the beginning of rehearsals, but being around a table with food and beverage once the work of rehearsal was behind us, allowed for a more relaxed conversation. Continue reading

Oh Doughnuts – Broadway

My walk to work just got more fattening. Oh Doughnuts has just opened up on Broadway. This is the opening I’ve been waiting for ever since owner Amanda Kinden decided to move from supplying coffee shops with doughnuts and open her own storefront location. I’ve been a fan of Oh Doughnuts ever since I first tried them at Parlour Coffee.

Oh Doughnuts Bag

The Oh Doughnuts take out bag.

The opening of Oh Doughnuts brings the total of specialty doughnut shops in Winnipeg to two. I enjoy Bronuts, but I was looking forward to once again being able to eat doughnuts from Oh Doughnuts. Continue reading