Trippa Con Patate – Centro Caboto Centre

I mentioned in my previous post, that I’d be writing about an event that I had learned more about through connecting in real life with online friends. The couple I connected with are Cory and Angie Boehm. Angie is Italian, and she gave me more details on a dinner at the Centro Caboto Centre, call Trippa con Patate (Beef Tripe with Potatoes).

Trippa tray

The Trippa con Patate sitting in the serving tray.

I’ve recently been reading a book entitled, The Shameless Carnivoreby Scott Gold. One of the things he talks about in the course of the book is how being a true carnivore, you must be willing to make use of the whole animal. Trippa, makes use of the animals intestines, something many if not most of us usually ignore.

A Scot Among the Italians

Reading this and hearing about the event, I thought I should give it a try. So, a couple of days before I phoned and reserved a ticket. When I arrived, I was greeted by Mario who was host for the event. I found out that I was seated at this table. Another couple joined the table as well. The woman was of the opinion that Trippa was a dish for the men, and Spaghette, also on the menu was for the women. As I looked around during the evening I found this only partly true. Many of the women ordered Trippa as well. Continue reading

Chosabi Asian Eatery, IRL

Last Thursday, I attended an event at Chosabi Asian Eatery that was fundraising for the Health Sciences Centre foundation. You might recognize the letters at the end of the title, as standing for In Real Life. One of the elements of social media that has been missing from my life for the last little while has been the meeting in real life of people I’m connected to on the web. One of the surprising discoveries when I first got on the social bandwagon several years ago was how being online helped me to connect better with people when I was offline.

Chosabi soy sauce

Chosabi branded soy sauce dispenser.

This time around, Lisa Webinger, who I know as @msbehaviour on Twitter, had arranged a two day promotion with Chosabi, where $1.00 from every Chosabi Sushi Burrito purchased would be donated by the restaurant to the HSC Foundation. The special was running Thursday and Friday, and Lisa would be there Thursday at dinner time.

When I got there it turned out there was also someone else who I knew through the web. Cory Boehm has long been a reader and commenter on Dining with Donald, usually through the Manitoba Food Bloggers group. Cory was there with his wife Angie, and while we talked I learned a little bit more about an event at the Centro Caboto, of which I’ll be writing in a day or two. I also got to briefly meet Robert Young, another Twitter connection.  Continue reading

Simon’s Cuisine – Forks Market

The Forks is the middle of an upgrade to their food court. My first chance to try any of the changes was visiting Simon’s Cuisine. Simon’s was originally located on St. Mary’s Road and had recently shut that location down. I had had heard many good things about the restaurant, but never seemed to be by their when they were open. I was very pleased to find out that they had reopened in The Forks. Argentinean cuisine is the order of the day at this restaurant, and they prepare it very well.

Simon's sign

The Simon’s Cuisine sign

Along with Simon’s The Fork’s has added Fusian Sushi, and the Common craft beer and wine stall. This makes for a more upscale food court. A nice change of pace when dining out there.

Simon’s Lunch:

My first visit to Simon’s I decided to try a  couple of à la carte items for my lunch. I chose a Spicy Beef Empanada, and then added a large order of Fries Provençal. The empanadas here Continue reading

12 Hours, One Man, $20K for Refugees

Monday, June 27th, Geoff Woodcroft from St. Paul Fort Garry will be playing guitar for 12 hours in an attempt to raise money for a soon to be arriving family of refugees. This event will be held at St. Paul Fort Garry Anglican Church, 830 North Drive, beginning at 8 am and running through to 8 pm.

12 hours of playing.

Geoff Woodcroft, the guy who’s going to play for 12 hours.

While the last couple of years has seen an increased awareness of refugees, some people and groups have been working to assist refugees for many years. One such group is the Rupert’s Land Refugee committee. This group has been helping refugees find their place in Canada for many years. When an already in progress refugee sponsorship faced new challenges, they stepped up. You can read about the challenges when you visit the Facebook Event Page.

12 Hours – Geoff Woodcroft

The video below features Geoff Woodcroft, priest at St. Paul’s Fort Garry Anglican Church. Among his many gifts and service to the church, Geoff has also served as my mentor both formally and informally. Despite having St. Paul’s to look after, Geoff has been a willing supporter of St. Philip’s as well, most notably at our pub night.

Continue reading

VJs Drive-In, Main Street

VJs Drive-In is one of those Winnipeg institutions. The kind of place that eating at marks you out as a true Winnipegger. Which means, I probably wasn’t a true Winnipegger until about six years ago.

VJs french fries

The picture doesn’t really do justice to the amount of fries in one order.

During my time at L.C. Taylor & Co., one of my co-workers, John Platt, took me for lunch at VJs for the first time. On that occasion I had the fries and only the fries. Since then on most of my trips to VJs, fries are also all that I’ve ordered. Firstly, because they are incredibly good and secondly they are a meal unto themselves. Recently though, I decided to give the burgers and hot dogs a try.  Continue reading

Samosa Hut – CityPlace

Samosa Hut is an Indian restaurant located in Cityplace mall. It’s located just before the spot where the skywalk connects Cityplace across St. Mary avenue. This location has long been my favourite in the food court. Prior to Samosa Hut being there the space held a Greek restaurant whose name I can’t remember, but made a really great Avgolemono soup among other items.

Samosa Hut Combo

The Samosa Hut three item combo comes with naan included.

My favourite choice here is the three piece Tandoori Chicken. It is well cooked, and well-sauced. I find the chicken to be quite tender. Having tried it so many times, I decided to choose a couple of different options when I recently visited.

Samosa Hut Combos:

Wednesdays I preside at a noon-hour Eucharist at Holy Trinity. By the time it’s over and I’ve packed everything away, I’m ready for a good lunch. The Samosa Hut provides me with both. The portions for their meals are quite generous. It starts off with a good base layer of rice and is built up with the other combo elements.
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