Underground Cafe – Exchange

It’s been a while since I’ve posted much of a food related nature That’s because I’ve attended and reviewed a few Fringe plays. Of course, one gets hungry visiting the Fringe. So, I decided to visit the Underground Cafe. The Underground Cafe is located on Arthur Street not far from Old Market Square.

Underground Art

One small bit of wall art at the Underground Cafe.

Underground Violinist


Underground Cafe is located in the basement of 70 Arthur Street.The building operated as a warehouse for many years. The cafe is a nice, cool relief from hot days at the Fringe. It can however, be easy to miss. Fortunately there’s usually a sign placed in the middle of the sidewalk to catch your eye.

Underground sandwich board

Sandwich board, directing you to some very tasty sandwiches

The first thing that catches your eye as you descend are murals all along the walls. These depict pop culture figures. The murals are in bright colours against the black walls. They give the cafe a cool vibe to go with the cool temperatures.  Continue reading

Peter Fechter – 59 Minutes

Every year at the Fringe I look forward to the production from Theatre by the River. I can be sure that I’ll be watching an intelligent and though provoking show. Last year’s Sea Wall, was a challenging and at time unnerving show. This year’s production is Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes.

You can find location and show times over here.

*May contain spoilers

Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes, is written by Jordan Tannahill, an up and coming, young, Canadian playwright, originally from Ottawa. The play takes as it’s source material, the story of Peter Fechter, Fechter was one of the first people killed by East German border guards as he tried to cross from East to West Germany. This occurred about a year after the construction of the Berlin Wall.

Peter Fechter Plaque

A plaque in Berlin dedicated to Peter Fechter.

Tannahill tried to find out more about Fechter during the play writing process. Unfortunately he didn’t find that. Instead he decided that, (from the program): Continue reading

Piaf-Brel: Impossible Concert

Monday, being my day off, I decided to take in two more Fringe plays. I started off with Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert. I followed that up with Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes. I’ll by doing a review of Peter Fechter later today. Piaf and Brel is perfromed by Melanie Gall.  If you read my review of her knitting cabaret show from last year, l’m a big fan of Ms. Gall’s singing and performance.

Location and show times are here. Ms. Gall is also doing a children’s show, Jazz Cat

Piaf Costume

Melanie Gall in an Edith Piaf inspired costume, designed by Melanie’s sister.

Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert is based around the idea of the two singers, sharing a stage. The concert is impossible in that as can best be proved, the two singers never met. Yet, they were both stars, particularly in Paris for much of the same time period.  Continue reading

When God Comes For Breakfast

When God Comes for Breakfast: Don’t Burn the Toast is the final of the four shows I saw on Saturday. The show is produced by Crosswalk Productions.The show asks questions about what it might be like to encounter God.

Location and show times are here

Cookies for When God Comes For Breakfast

What to serve When God Comes For Breakfast? I think that When God Comes For Breakfast cookies are a perfectly fine choice.

When God Comes for Breakfast is actually two short plays. The first is called The Appointment. They are held together by the theme of what would you do if you met God

The Appointment

In the first play a man arrives in a waiting room. He is waiting for an appointment with God. As he waits in increasing frustration, other characters arrive. Each new arrival spurs his aggravation. Eventually everyone else leaves, and In the end he is left in the dark still waiting for his appointment. Continue reading

Corner of – Little Sparrow Theatre Co

For my third play on Saturday I took in Corner of, by Little Sparrow Theatre Co. This is a new play being staged for the first time. It is, according to the program, a creative collaboration of eight people, all of whom are involved in some way in the production or performance of the play. This collaboration came together under the direction of Teri-Lynn Friesen, producing this entertaining and thoughtful play.

Corner Of bus stop

The bus stop features prominently in Corner Of

Here is the information on location and showtimes.

The Question at the Heart of Corner Of

The play revolves around the question “who is my neighbour?” The play does not present this as an abstract question. Rather it forces the watcher to look at the characters in the play and see their own interactions in the interactions of the characters. As an audience member a subsidiary question to ask is, am I a neighbour? Continue reading

Breakneck Shakespeare

My second play at One88 yesterday was Shakespeare’s Histories: Ten Epic Plays at a Breakneck Pace. This show is performed by John D. Huston. I’ve written about Mr. Huston before after seeing his one man Charles Dicken’s: A Christmas CarolMr. Huston will also be coming to my parish St. Philip’s on November 25th to give a performance of his show Screwtape.

Location and times for Shakespeare’s Histories can be found here.

Map covering breakneck history

Shakespeare Screen shot

Shakespeare’s Histories is playwright Timothy Mooney’s attempt to fuse together Shakespeare’s historical plays and the events that inspired them. If you are familiar with the type of movie that starts with the phrase “Inspired by Real Life Events,” you may be surprised to discover that Shakespeare wasn’t above taking the same type of liberties with the histories he was recounting.

Continue reading