Decadence Chocolates

Over the last few months as I’ve headed down Sherbrook, I’ve noticed signage for a new chocolate shop called Decadence Chocolates. Finally, in the last month or so, Decadence Chocolates opened. The first thing I noticed when I stepped in was the brightness of the location. The woods are light coloured and the walls are white, with the production area on one wall, and several tables along the other. With the production area located in the open it also allows you to watch the chocolates being made while placing and waiting for your order.

Decadence Chocolates Chili Hazelnuts

Chili Hazelnuts from Decadence Chocolates. A nice little bit of sweet and heat.

Decadence is owned and operated by Helen Staines. Originally from Yorkshire she moved to Canada in 2001 and started on creating Decadence in 2015. The shop is clearly a labour of love, and a channeling of Staines’s love for all things chocolate. Continue reading

Best Meal – Food Truck

Well, spring has arrived and the food trucks are slowly trickling back out onto the street. So far, I have noticed only one new one. I believe the Extreme Fries Truck is the a repainted version of the one that was out before, but I could be corrected. The new truck on the streets is called Best Meal.

Best Meal Sign

Underlined or not, Best Meal is one tough name to live up to.

Best Meal serves the usual assortment of hot dogs and hamburgers, but specializes in Middle Easter cuisine. Among the offerings are falafels, shawarma, and something I’d never heard of called Kibbe (it’s sort of a ground beef filled Falafel). I’ll state outright, these weren’t the best meals I’ve had. However, give the owners credit for wanting to make a splash with a new truck. So, reverting to my Food Truck review format, here are my thoughts.


Most of the entrees are in the $6.00 to $8.00 range. The wraps I had were both at the bottom end and were stuffed with good fillings. In particular the beef shawarma had plenty of beef. The combos add about $2.50 to the bill, and I received a good portion of chips with my kibbe. As a bonus, canned drinks are only $1.25, better than just about any truck. 5/5 Continue reading

Palatal Express – Guilty Pleasure

I never visited the Palatal Mongolian Stir-Fry on Pembina that now houses Royal Punjab Sweet House. However, I visit the Palatal Express at Sherbrook and Portage on a semi-regular spot. This for me is a great place to visit when I’m in the mood for a quick, cheap pigout. I don’t find the food here particularly brilliant, but there’s lots of it, and I can get it really spicy when I want that.

Like a lot of places they advertise themselves as really healthy. I’m sure it’s pretty healthy, but I wouldn’t make it the centrepiece of my diet.

Palatal Express Special

Palatal Express has a well priced daily special

Palatal Pleasures:

One of the things I like about Palatal is that it is a soup and stir-fry version of Subway. Like Subway, the restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetables to add to your noodles and protein. I order a little of everything, maximizing my vegetables. Although I occasionally order the small sized daily special my typical choice is the large serving. Continue reading

Endearing Pain:Colleen Peters

This post for Endearing Pain is off the general path for Dining With Donald. However, I knew Colleen years ago when I attended Church of the Way, and I think her story is worth a read. Check out her book launch on May 2, more info at the bottom of post.

“Pain is Universal.” That is the first quote on the back cover of  Endearing Pain: Life Lessons from MS Afflictions,” Written by Winnipeg author and former teacher, Colleen Peters. Just over a decade ago Peters discovered she was living with Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (PRMS). PRMS is a particularly nasty and unrelenting strain of MS.

Over the last 10-12 years, the basic activities of life, from walking to cooking and many in between have become battles with pain. Slowly but relentlessly, Peters is losing the ability to complete these tasks. Independence continues to give way to dependence, and physical activity to inactivity. All this with excruciating pain which only increases over time. Plus, living with a disease that most people don’t understand, and trying to find a way to explain her life to the people she meets.

Endearing Pain phot.

Endearing Pain: Life Lessons From MS Afflictions

The book is written as a series of letters. The letters started as an attempt to answer the question, “how are you doing.” As Peters explains in the opening chapter, that question is often difficult to answer. The letters that form this book are her attempts to provide answers.

These letters are sporadic in their frequency. This helps the reader to remember the capricious nature of PRMS. It also illustrates that PRMS is not a disease that Peters has control over. At the same time, the content of the letters serves to let the reader know that Peters has not let the disease have control over her.

Reading the book I find myself wondering how any one person can bear such pain. The answer it seems lies in Peters faith. This is not a faith that denies pain. Nor does it see pain as punishment. “Pain is universal,” as has already been stated.

Continue reading

Dairi Wip – Marion Street

While I’ve wandered a fair ways down Marion Street, I’ve never stopped at Dairi Wip Drive-In. Part of this is due to the fact that my St. Philip’s office is just a couple of blocks away from Mrs. Mike’s, whose King Burger I really like. In part it’s because I hadn’t really noticed the seating on the side. A few weeks ago, just before we went into a bit of early spring chill here in Winnipeg, I finally ventured down to Dairi Wip.

Dairi Wip gravy

The Dairi Wip fries and gravy come drenched in gravy.

Al Fresco Dining at Dairi Wip

My first trip to Dairi Wip, I wasn’t quite sure what kind of burger I wanted to order. When I saw the “Burger in a Bowl” advertised, I was intrigued. Sure enough it was exactly as advertised. All the ingredients of a burger served in a bowl. This meant it was a lot less messy to eat, and that there was also a large amount of chili as part of the burger. The burger comes with a large well-seasoned and well-cooked patty. Continue reading

Juniors – Saint Marys Road

Here’s another one of those apostrophied restaurants, this time on an an apostrophied street. Juniors has three locations in Winnipeg, serving a classic burger and fries type menu along with some Greek specialties. I visited the location at St. Mary’s and Fermor.

Juniors Coke.

A can of Coke comes with the Juniors fatboy special.

I made my first stop at Juniors, because I had been down at St. Mary Magdalene, one of the other Anglican Churches in town. We were planning a joint service for Maundy Thursday. I was busing it back to St. Philip’s and I figured I would have enough time to stop for a bite to eat at Juniors and continue on my journey while making use of my transfer. Continue reading