Winnipeg 2016 Fall Suppers

It’s that time of the year again. Time to start thinking and planning ahead for fall suppers. This year’s Winnipeg 2016 Fall Suppers post is my third annual. As always, I encourage you to check out Orest Kinasevych to find out the locations and times for fall suppers outside of the city.

The list for 2016 is as always, a work in progress. You can leave information for any Winnipeg 2016 Supper that you’d like to see in the comments below email me at revbubs at shaw dot ca. The number of dinners on the list grew last year, and I’d like to see it get even larger this year.

You’ll notice that like last year there is a mix of style and pricing to these suppers. I hope to appeal to people in a broad range of financial positions, but also to give people the opportunity to learn about many great organizations operating in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg 2016 Fall Suppers

Farmers’ Feast Manitoba, Thursday, September 8th

This event is held out at the St. Norbert Farmer’s Market. All information, including the ordering of tickets, can be found online.

Tickets – $125.00

Holy Eucharist  – Annual Pickerel Fish Fry, Friday, September 16, 2016

Last year I attended this dinner, you can read about it here.

Cash Bar – Served from 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Adults – $15.00

Children 6 and under (free) hot dog meal

460 Munroe Avenue, Winnipeg.  Doors Open at 4:00pm

Contact Tony at 204-667-0711 for tickets.

Holy Eucharist Fry 2016 Winnipeg

Plate of Pickerel and sides from the Holy Eucharist Fish Fry

Annual Fall Supper

The Holy Eucharist Fall Supper for 2016 is being held on Octorber 16, 2016. Watch this space for updated information on tickets, times, etc.

A little off track with Fall Suppers, but Holy Eucharist will be at the MCC Farmers Market (Watt and Chalmers) selling perogies, September 17, 2016 10am – 1pm

South Osborne Permaculture Commons – Harvest Dinner, Sunday, September 20,

Check out the Website for full dinner information.

Tickets: $100.00 Continue reading

Little Truck – Local Food Truck

It seems that every year, a group of food trucks doesn’t hit the streets until mid-summer. This is true again this year. The last few weeks have seen, Little Truck on the Prairie, PVG’s Breakfast Club, the BDI Goog to Go, Slurp This, Denise’s Blue Moon, and I think at least one another. I hope to get to them all in the next couple of weeks. I’m starting off with Little Truck on the Prairie.

Little Truck Logo.

Side shot of the Little Truck on the Prairie Logo.

I used the word local in the title, because this truck is focused on using local ingredients wherever possible. One thing to say, local does not mean lesser. Little Truck on the Prairie proves that local can hold it’s own with food from anywhere.


Value isn’t only about price, it’s about the place where quality, quantity and price all come together. I think Little Truck delivers very good value. The mains ($8-10) are quite well sized, and if you go for the combo, you get even better value. Plus, the quality, of which more below, is well above average. 4.5 Continue reading

Frescolio: Chicken, Oils, Wine

Last Monday I attended a tasting event at Frescolio Oils on St. Mary’s Road. The event was put on by the Manitoba Chicken Producers. I recommend you follow their Facebook  page to keep informed about great contest ideas, along with recipes etc. I almost didn’t make it. Being a typical male I didn’t pay attention to the directions and ended up at the Frecolio location on Corydon. Luckily, I arrived quite early and rerouted down to St. Mary’s to get there just as the festivities started to get rolling.

Along with Manitoba Chicken producers and Frescolio, the event featured wines from Poplar Grove Winery. This is my second time sampling there wines. They also provided the wine at the Underground Opera event I attended a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately my phone camera was acting up. This means I didn’t get all the photos of every item. This is unfortunate, as chef Kelly Cattani working with Shawn Brandson of Promenade Cafe and Wine came up with three innovative dishes for the evening.

Frescolio Evoo

I picked up a bottle of Herbes de Provence EVOO before I left Frescolio

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A Holy Meal – Gordon T Smith

About three and a half years ago, I started looking for suggestions on books dealing with Holy Communion. At the time, Tom Wright’s The Meal Jesus Gave Uswas the only one I followed through on. I’ve been collecting and starting to read through other books since then. One of the first one’s I’ve finished is A Holy Meal: The Lord’s Supper in the Life of the Church, by Gordon T. Smith.

A Holy Meal: Lord's Supper

A Holy Meal makes a good introduction to the Lord’s Supper.

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Sabai Thai Eatery – Corydon Avenue

Last week my oldest brother Ian paid a visit to Winnipeg. On Thursday he and I went for lunch together. We ended up picking Sabai Thai Eatery, on Corydon Avenue at the Corner of Wilton Street. This is one of those places that I’ve heard a lot about, but never visited. It seems whenever I’m in the area I turn on autopilot and end up at Falafel Place. After a couple of visits, I can certainly say that Sabai Thai will certainly be a more frequent stopping place when I’m up in the Crescentwood neighbourhood.

Sabai Thai menu

The back page of the Sabai Thai menu featuring pictures of several of the items.

Sabai Thai Lunch

My brother and I arrive toward the tail end of the lunch service, so the restaurant wasn’t over full and we were able to get a table quite easily. My brother ordered a plate of spring rolls and the Mee Krop. I ordered the green curry soup. The spring rolls came out quickly and the four spring rolls came cut in half to form eight pieces. This means that they would be easier to share among a larger group. Continue reading

Pho Que Huong Ellice Avenue

There are so many good restaurants in the West End of Winnipeg. So many in fact, that it’s easy to simply never visit some of them. Pho Que Huong on Ellice Avenue is one such place. It probably doesn’t help that it’s located just down the street from Nhu Quynh, one of my favourite spots. However Pho Que Huong is good and stands on it’s own merits.

Pho Que Huong's salad roll

Pho Que Huong’s meatball salad roll is a pleasant combination of savoury and sweet.

Pho Que Huong Late Lunch

My first visit to the restaurant came at the end of the lunch service. There was only one person at the front of house. The lunch time had clearly been busy, and so while there were several empty tables, I had to wait a couple of minutes before one could be cleared.

When I got the menu I decided to try a couple of appetizers with a small soup. One of the things I like about the menu here is that many of the appetizers are available in both two piece and four piece offerings. I chose the two piece spring roll and the two piece shrimp salad roll.

Spring rolls with dipping sauce

Spring rolls with dipping sauce

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